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Graviola and Cancer

Graviola and Cancer

Graviola for cancer? It’s is an impressive natural herb, which originates from the Amazon Rainforest and numerous individuals who are dealing with cancer are utilizing this organic herbal remedy as an aid.

The native families from the Amazon jungle refer to it as the miracle tree. Critiques uncover Graviola as having an influence on the particular cancer cells, which can be of amazing benefit to a person who is combating cancer, but to what magnitude?

Medical Information – The Details

Researchers have come quite a distance within the last 4 decades in establishing more information concerning how normal healthy cells develop to be cancerous, yet hardly any of that information has incorporated over to present day treatments. Most of the time, physicians are required to rely on typical chemotherapy and radiation, which may do just as much harm to the sufferers as they to the cancers.

Ever since the 1940’s, the tree has been under evaluation. During 1976, the National Cancer Institute carried out analysis on Graviola and the research determined remarkable results.

Another experimentation was executed by Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences during 1998, which validated conclusions by which 2 of the compounds demonstrated what researchers referred to as “ substantial ” anti-cancer activities in opposition to 6 human cancer cells, among them prostate and pancreatic cancers.

The leaves of the plant were effective in eliminating malignant cancer cells. Perdue University’s assessments on cancer cells of prostate, pancreas and lungs have all demonstrated exceptional outcomes as well.

Deeper Investigation
Graviola Research

Graviola Research

Yet another current study by the Catholic University inside South Korea has uncovered that the ingredients have ´selective cytoxicity´ equivalent with Adriamycin, a medication that within previous times has been utilized for breast and colon cancer.

Research through South Korea confirmed that, as opposed to Adriamycin, there was zero damaging activity upon healthy cells.

Another investigation from Purdue during the late nineties explained that numerous cancer cells, which endure traditional chemotherapy by establishing reluctance to the harsh chemicals, were bombarded by the Graviola agents.

Many experiments have investigated the chemical results of the leaves and fruit pertaining to Graviola for cancer within clinical examinations. In numerous exams, the final results were in fact less dangerous and more potent than the chemotherapy.

Organic Supplements Compared to Conventional Chemotherapy

In contrast to the majority of chemotherapy treatments, the herbal supplement did not harm any healthy cells, only the cancer causing cells. With this particular organic alternative, there aren’t any side effects of hair thinning or queasiness, as are the side effects to harsh radiation treatment.

Oftentimes Graviola minimizes depressive disorders, gets rid of viruses, decreases fevers, expels worms, encourages digestion and prevents convulsions.

Acquire Only 100% Pure Graviola Extract

There are numerous suppliers promoting the extract with undesirable, man-made synthetics, chemicals and fillers. Be aware of these modified supplements! The majority of the solutions easily obtainable consist of considerably less Graviola Extract then Amazon Thunder. To be able to completely understand what is in the products you purchase, PLEASE READ THE LABEL! Labels should consist of 3,000mg of pure, unmodified Graviola Leaves and Fruit.

Amazon Thunder Graviola Extract - Click To Read The Label

Amazon Thunder Graviola Extract
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  • 100% Kosher Certified
  • 100% Organic Certified
  • 100% Pure
  • 100% Additive Free
  • 100% Preservative Free
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Absolutely Zero Additives or Fillers

100% Pure Graviola Extract

The value of no flow agents, chemicals or additives. Buyer beware of any type of nutritional supplement capsule or tablet containing magnesium stearate, silica, stearic acid or calcium stearate.

These kinds of flow agents are manufactured by hydrogenating cottonseed or palm oil.

You will notice these agents utilized throughout the health supplements industry as lubricants to increase production.

They accumulate inside your body and will lessen absorption as much as 75% and are of absolutely no benefit. These flow agents moreover consist of considerable amounts of pesticides and herbicides.

Stearic acid, which makes up well over 50 % of the volume in magnesium stearate has become recognized in in-vitro lab research to hinder T-cel function. Magnesium stearate has been identified to bring about allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Trust Your Wellbeing With The Very Best

Amazon Thunder 100% Pure Organic Graviola

High quality comes at an expense. With Amazon Thunder, you get what you pay for. Currently, you will find conventional pretender club store goods and cheap replicas (various other establishments boast of being the most effective, yet provide zero qualifications or credentials to verify how their product was harvested or what exactly is even in their product).

Amazon Thunder is the legitimate innovator of this industry, family owned and operated, OU Kosher in addition to QAI organic certified minus any chemical preservatives and developed from the very best of the purest Graviola.

Unparalleled by anybody else. Amazon Thunder sincerely is in a classification of its own. You can purchase with self-assurance.

Only Amazon Thunder supplements are 100% organic and natural, 100% kosher as well as 100% additive, filler and flow agent free.

Giving Back to the Rainforest

3% of Amazon Thunder’s organic material purchases from the Amazon Rainforest will go towards preservation initiatives within the rainforest and provide education and learning along with clothing to native communities all through the Amazon by means of an Amazon SOS fund co-operative programs.

100% of the authentic Amazon ingredients within Amazon Thunder supplements are furthermore Fair Trade Certified and 100% sustainably harvested.

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